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COVID-19 Mitigation

Federal, state, and local agencies have issued guidelines and require businesses to put in place new policies, protocols, and procedures to reopen, operate, and maintain a safe and healthy workplace.  While the virus isn’t gone and likely never will be, we are coming to terms with how we are going to safely live and work alongside it.


Many businesses have done well and have kept their customers and employees safe. We have followed the best practices that are working and in doing our small part to help, we are sharing best practices as we find them. Below are our latest summary guidelines for returning to work and maintaining a safe workplace. 


We have tried to keep this material short and easily digestible, while still capturing the most current and relevant WHO, CDC, and Federal guidelines, and best practices available today. This is not an exhaustive list nor a plan, but it is a good directional guide.  


We hope that you find this information useful and welcome any feedback or experiences that you have had that could make it better.

From all of us at Your Best BET, we wish you, your families, and your employees well, on your journey to stay safe, stay healthy, and stay open.

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